Taskcluster Manual

What does Taskcluster do?

Fundamentally, it executes tasks. A task is defined in a JSON object, and placed on a queue. A worker later claims that task, executes it, and updates the task with the results.

The Taskcluster Service and Team

We provide Taskcluster as a service, rather than as an installable application. The service is constructed as a collection of loosely-coupled microservices. These microservices share many characteristics, making it easy to use them together.

Taskcluster aims to be a general platform for task execution to support software development within the Mozilla organization. It is very much a work in progress. The current focus is to support Firefox development, without losing the generality that will make it useful for other Mozilla projects.

Taskcluster is designed to integrate well with other services and components. Some of those integrations are Mozilla-specific (for example, Treeherder), while others are not. Some integrations are maintained and provided by the Taskcluster team, such as AWS compute resources. Others are managed separately, and may not be available to all users -- including the compute resources assigned to Firefox development.

Working with Taskcluster

Most people do not need to understand everything about Taskcluster! The Taskcluster Tutorial is designed to lead you to the information that is most relevant to you.

The reference section contains documentation about the Taskcluster services and libraries. Once you have determined the services you need to interface with, this section can provide all of the technical detail you need to do so successfully. The reference section begins with a guide to the microservices that can help to determine the services most relevant to your work.

The remainder of the manual describes the Taskcluster platform in depth. The Tasks chapter describes the concept around which the system revolves -- tasks. The Task Execution chapter describes how these tasks are executed. The next chapter, System Design, provides the details you will need to interact with Taskcluster. Finally, Using Taskcluster presents a collection of common use cases and approaches to satisfy them.