Worker Types

Workers execute tasks, but there are many types of workers. A task specifies a single "worker type" by which it should be executed, using the two-part namespace <provisionerId>/<workerType>. The naming of the identifiers can be a bit confusing: when we refer to a worker type, it is to the combination of both identifiers. Thus gcp-provisioner/persona-build and rackspace-provisioner/persona-build are completely different worker types, despite sharing the same workerType identifier.

Workers of the same worker type all consume tasks from a single queue, as described later, and as such are interchangeable and have identical configurations.

The format of a task's payload property is specific to the worker that will execute it, so defining a task requires knowledge of worker type's configuration. If given a task with an inappropriate payload, a worker will resolve the task with the reason malformed-payload.

You can explore the available worker types (after selecting a provisionerId) at