Task Notifications

There are two ways to have Taskcluster send notifications on your behalf.

The first is by specifying certain routes in the task definition, for example:

 - notify.email.example@example.com.on-failed

This method is described in detail on the Taskcluster-Notify usage page.

The second method is to call the Taskcluster-Notify service directly. The API definitions are available on the reference page. The API is available through the Taskcluster-Proxy if you're working from within a task.

import taskcluster from 'taskcluster-client';
async function notify() {
    # specify a baseUrl via the taskcluster proxy
    var notify = new taskcluster.Notify({baseUrl: 'http://taskcluster/notify/v1'});
    await notify.irc({'#myproject', 'example', 'the build is still running'})