Hooks Service

A hooks service for triggering tasks from events.

Hooks supports automatically creating tasks:

  • At specific times
  • In respose to API calls
  • In response to webhooks


From the project's base yarn install then yarn test. No special configuration is required. Some of the tests will be skipped, but it is fine to make a pull request as long as no tests fail.

To run all tests, you will need appropriate Taskcluster credentials. Using taskcluster-cli, run eval $(taskcluster signin --scope assume:project:taskcluster:tests:taskcluster-hooks), then run yarn test again.

Service Owner

Service Owner: dustin@mozilla.com

Post-Deploy Verification

This service will auto-deploy upon merging to master. Once it is deployed, you can verify that it is functioning as expected by going to the tools site and creating a new 'garbage' hook.