Notify Service

No longer will you need to keep going back to the task-inspector page to know if your task is complete! Merely add some routes and we will tell you when your task is done! Note: You'll need to have the appropriate scopes to add these routes.

Example routes:

"routes": [

Further specification of this is contained in the docs. Note: The channel should have the # preceeding it.


You'll first need to set up your credentials based on how they are in user-config-example.yml. Ask a Taskcluster team member for the aws keys, etc. yarn install and yarn test. You can set DEBUG=taskcluster-notify,test if you want to see what's going on.


This service will auto-deploy in Heroku once merged into master and CI runs are successful. If you need to force a deploy because we've broken CI in some way and this urgently needs to be deployed, you can do it from the Heroku console. Once the new version has been deployed, you can verify it is working by submitting a task from the Task Creator with the routes

"routes": [

Service Owner

Service Owner:


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