Taskcluster Purge Worker Cache Service

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Many taskcluster workers implements some generic form cache folders. These cache often have a name that identifies them, for example a task that builds code may have a cache folder called master-object-directory which stores object directory for the master branch. Note, your organization maybe have different naming scheme.

The idea with this service is to publish a message to a pulse exchange with routing-key <provisionerId>.<workerType> carrying a message:

  cacheName: '<cacheName>'

Then workers should listen for this message and purge caches of all kinds matching the given <cacheName>.

This makes it easy to blow away poisoned caches should this ever be necessary.

Service Owner

Service Owner: jonasfj@mozilla.com


1) Supply configuration needed to run post-deploy verification tests. Example is in user-config-example.yml. 2) Merge branch with master and push to origin. Heroku will automatically deploy. 3) Once the new branch is deployed to Heroku, open the pulse inspector and start listening. 4) Open https://tools.taskcluster.net/purge-caches. 5) Run yarn verify and ensure that a message shows up in the pulse inspector and in the tools site.