Getting Credentials

To get a set of Taskcluster credentials for the current host, a client need only make a GET request to the /v1/credentials path. For example, if the host is available at,

$ curl
  "credentials": {
    "clientId": "project/testing-host-secrets/host/localhost.localdomain",
    "accessToken": "<snip>",
    "certificate": "{\"version\":1,\"scopes\":[\"assume:project:testing-host-secrets:host:localdomain.localhost\"],\"start\":1486575908837,\"expiry\":1486575908837,\"seed\":\"<snip>\",\"signature\":\"<snip>\",\"issuer\":\"<snip>\"}"

No parameters or credentials are required.

Client Security

Note that any code running on the client can make this request. If code runs on the host which cannot be trusted with the resulting credentials (for example, executing a Taskcluster task), take steps to ensure that the untrusted code cannot access the service.