Login Service

This service supports the generation of Taskcluster credentials appropriate to a user.

While this service is intended to be used with interactive applications, it does not have any user interface of its own. Instead, it relies on an OIDC provider to handle user interaction, and issues credentials on the basis of the resulting OIDC access_token .

See getting user creds for more detail about interacting with this service.

Looking Up User Profiles

Given the necessary credentials, it is possible to use this service to retrieve a user's Auth0 profile. This should only be done to help debug an issue with the affected user. Put the credentials in a user-config.yml section named lookup and run

NODE_ENV=lookup node src/main.js show-auth0-profile '<auth0UserId>'

Development and Testing

Test this like any Taskcluster microservice: install with yarn and then test with yarn test.

To actually perform authentication in a development setting, you will need to request an OIDC client with the following additional attributes:

  • Non-Interactive Client
  • Access to the Auth0 management API with the read:users scope


taskcluster-login exists on two instances, stage for pre-deployment validation, and production for actual use.

Service Owner

Service Owner: dustin@mozilla.com