Rotation Timing

From the user perspective, this service is simple to use: request an AMQP connection string with pulse.claimNamespace, and use the resulting connection string to connect. That string can be re-used for new connections until its reclaimAt time, after which it is not guaranteed to be valid.


This rotation pattern is implemented by creating two users for each namespace. At any time, one is "active" and one is "standby". Passwords are reset for standby users when they are promoted to primary. A primary user will keep the same password when it becomes secondary.

The reclaimAfter value returned from claimNamespace is calculated as the midpoint of the current primary user's secondary phase. This is conveniently no sooner than half of the rotation interval, allowing plenty of room for clock skew and for connections to be established.

In diagrammatic form:

time-->   X    Z  Y

User-1's password will be reset at time Y. A call to claimNamespace at time X will return a reclaimAfter of Z, halfway through user-1's standby phase.