Purge Cache API


The purge-cache service is responsible for publishing a pulse message for workers, so they can purge cache upon request.

This document describes the API end-point for publishing the pulse message. This is mainly intended to be used by tools.

PurgeCache Client

// Create PurgeCache client instance:

const purgeCache = new taskcluster.PurgeCache(options);

Methods in PurgeCache Client

// purgeCache.ping :: () -> Promise Nothing
// purgeCache.purgeCache :: (provisionerId -> workerType -> payload) -> Promise Nothing
purgeCache.purgeCache(provisionerId, workerType, payload)
// purgeCache.allPurgeRequests :: [options] -> Promise Result
// purgeCache.purgeRequests :: (provisionerId -> workerType -> [options]) -> Promise Result
purgeCache.purgeRequests(provisionerId, workerType)
purgeCache.purgeRequests(provisionerId, workerType, options)