Taskcluster Azure Shim

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A simple library to allow using azure-entities and the like, with Taskcluster credentials.


View the changelog on the releases page.


This is tested on and should run on any of Node.js {8, 10}.


const {sasCredentials} = require('taskcluster-lib-azure');

  credentials: sasCredentials({
    accountId,     // azure account to use
    tableName,     // table name in that account
    rootUrl,       // TC rootUrl (used to find the auth service)
    credentials,   // Taskcluster credentials

If desired, pass accessLevel; this defaults to 'read-write' but can be set to 'read-only'.


yarn install and yarn test.


New releases should be tested on Travis to allow for all supported versions of Node to be tested. Once satisfied that it works, new versions should be created with yarn version rather than by manually editing package.json and tags should be pushed to Github. Make sure to update the changelog!


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0