Documenting Non-Services

NOTE this page describes the "old way" only. In the new way, taskcluster-installer uses this library directly.

For projects that aren't in JS, or can't publish on deploy (such as libraries), you can push documentation manually using upload-project-docs:

npm install -g taskcluster-lib-docs

export DOCS_PROJECT=my-project
export DOCS_TIER=integration
export DOCS_FOLDER=/path/to/myproject/docs
export DOCS_README=/path/to/myproject/

This will upload the docs directory and README, but does not include any references or schemas. The credentials must have the same scopes as described above. If upload-project-docs is run in a task with access to taskcluster-proxy, the credentials can be omitted.

This is even easier from a task run within TaskCluster. There is a docker image named taskcluster/upload-project-docs:latest which can do all of this with a command like

git clone {{event.head.repo.url}} repo &&
cd repo &&
git config advice.detachedHead false &&
git checkout {{event.head.sha}} &&
export DOCS_PROJECT=taskcluster-lib-docs DOCS_TIER=libraries DOCS_FOLDER=docs &&

See this project's .taskcluster.yml for an example.