TaskCluster Worker


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A worker for TaskCluster, written in go.

This is our next generation worker, that has a pluggable architecture for adding support for new engines (think Docker™ engine, Windows™ native engine, OS X™ native engine, KVM™/Xen™ engine) and adding engine-independent plugins (think livelogs, caches/volumes, auth proxies, interactive ssh/vnc).


See https://docs.taskcluster.net/reference/workers/taskcluster-worker/docs/architecture

Installing From Binary

See https://github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-worker/releases

Installing From Source

  1. Install go 1.10 or higher
  2. go get -u -t -d github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-worker/...
  3. cd "${GOPATH}/src/github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-worker"
  4. go get -u github.com/kardianos/govendor
  5. govendor sync
  6. make rebuild


make rebuild

Conditional Tests

Certain tests are disabled by default because they are:

  • only runs under certain conditions (e.g. requires root credentials),
  • requires special configuration (for example secret tokens),
  • have system-wide side-effects (like deleting the $HOME folder), or,
  • very slow, noisy or needs fixing.

Tests that fall into one or more of these categories are enabled with build tags. Below is a list of such build tags and description of what they test and why these tests are disabled by default.

  • localtunnel, tests a WebHookServer implementation based on localtunnel.me, tests are somewhat buggy and due to the nature of using a remote service this isn't reliable.
  • native, tests the native-engine, disabled because tests cleans up system folders such as HOME.
  • qemu, tests qemu-engine, disabled because it requires QEMU installed and needs to run as root (run tests with ./docker-tests.sh).
  • network, tests network configuration for qemu-engine, disabled because it can leave the system in a dirty state and requires root (run tests with ./docker-tests.sh).
  • monitor, tests sentry reporting, statsum submission and logging, requires credentials to run successfully.
  • docker, tests docker-engine, disabled because tests requires docker installed and must run as root (run tests with ./docker-tests.sh).


Simply create a tag, and push to github.

git tag v1.0.3
git push --tags

Freezing Dependencies

You need govendor to manage vendor dependencies.

govendor sync

Adding Dependencies

go get <package>
govendor add +external
git add vendor/vendor.json
git commit -m 'My new package.'

Updating Dependencies

go get -u -t ./...   # update versions
govendor update


We welcome Pull Requests and Issues!

Find us in #taskcluster-worker on irc.mozilla.org