Docker Worker

This worker is designed to handle tasks on linux via docker.

Docker allows you to execute just about any task that runs on Linux in a portable fashion, in whatever system image you like. More importantly, that system image can be specified in the task definition.


The following is a simple docker-worker task (in fact, it is similar to the task used in the tutorial:

    "provisionerId": "aws-provisioner-v1",
    "workerType": "tutorial",
    "created": "..",
    "deadline": "..",
    "payload": {
        "image": "ubuntu:latest",
        "command": [
            "echo \"hello World\""
        "maxRunTime": 600
    "metadata": {
        "name": "Example Task",
        "description": "Markdown description of **what** this task does",
        "owner": "",
        "source": ""

The tutorial workerType in the AWS provisioner is configured to run docker-worker in AWS EC2 spot instances. When this task is created, it is put on a queue. One of these docker-worker instances pulls the task from the queue. It downloads the named docker image (ubuntu:latest), and runs the command in that image.

For more details about docker worker, see the reference section.