People of Taskcluster

Taskcluster is a Mozilla project, and we believe in working in an open, welcoming fashion. The people listed here have contributed to the Taskcluster project. Your name could be here, too!


  • GitHub: SamanthaYu

Tom Prince

  • IRC: tomprince
  • GitHub: tomprince

Irene Storozhko

  • IRC: owlish
  • GitHub: owlishDeveloper


  • GitHub: elenasolomon


  • GitHub: kristelteng

Chinmay Kousik

  • IRC: ckousik

Hammad Akhtar

  • GitHub:

Anup Kumar

  • IRC: Anupkumar (or) reznord

Rob Thijssen

  • IRC: grenade
  • GitHub: grenade

Eli Perelman

  • IRC: Eli
  • GitHub: eliperelman


  • IRC: jhford
  • GitHub: jhford

Brian Stack

  • IRC: bstack
  • GitHub: imbstack

Hassan Ali

  • GitHub: helfi92

Pete Moore

  • IRC: pmoore

Greg Arndt

  • IRC: garndt

Wander Lairson Costa

  • IRC: wcosta
  • GitHub: walac

Dustin J. Mitchell

  • IRC: dustin
  • GitHub: djmitche

James Lal

  • IRC: lightsofapollo
  • GitHub: lightsofapollo