TaskCluster Hooks

A hooks service for triggering tasks from events.

API Documentation

Please see https://docs.taskcluster.net/reference/core/hooks/api-docs.


TaskCluster components use "real" APIs for much of their testing, and thus require credentials that cannot be checked into the repository. To run all of the tests, you will need to set up a user-config.yml with credentials to connect to an influx database, and a TaskCluster Queue and Auth endpoint. This file should be placed in the root directory of your checkout. We recommend copying the file user-config-example.yml as user-config.yml and then editing the values.

Speak to the Taskcluster team on IRC via irc.mozilla.org#taskcluster channel to obtain credentials if you need them.

Fetch dependencies with yarn install. Tests can then be executed with yarn test.

Service Owner

Service Owner: dustin@mozilla.com

Post-Deploy Verification

This service will auto-deploy upon merging to master. Once it is deployed, you can verify that it is functioning as expected by going to the tools site and creating a new 'garbage' hook.