Taskcluster Pulse Management Service

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A service to manage Pulse credentials for anything using Taskcluster credentials. This allows us self-service and greater control within the Taskcluster project.


Services using pulse credentials call this service's claimNamespace endpoint to claim a "namespace" in pulse, allowing access to exchanges and queues based on that namespace.

The service must call the endpoint periodically, each time getting a fresh username and password to access pulse. Access is checked each time using Taskcluster credentials.

The service monitors the existing credentials:

  • rotating the password on unclaimed credentials
  • notifying owners of, and eventually deleting queues which grow too large
  • deleting queues and exchanges when the corresponding namespace expires


This service is not in production yet.

It does not yet connect to pulse, and the queue monitoring mentioned above is not yet complete.


Steps before running the test:

  1. Run rabbitmq. Either:
    • Install rabbitmq locally:
      • macOS: brew update && brew install rabbitmq
      • Linux: install rabbitmq from the repository of your distribution
    • Start rabbitmq: rabbitmq-server.
    • Enable management API: rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management or
    • Run docker run -ti --rm -p 15672:15672 -p 5672:5672 rabbitmq:management-alpine
  2. Copy user-config-example.yml to user-config.yml unmodified
  3. yarn install

To run the test, use yarn test. You can set DEBUG=taskcluster-pulse,test if you want to see what's going on.

Note that you can run the tests with no user-config.yml, but most are skipped because they require a RabbitMQ instance.

After each test, flush rabbitmq database with rabbitmqctl reset or by stopping and re-starting the docker container.. (The test suite adds and removes users during the test. Flushing the database ensures nothing is leaked between tests.)

Post-Deployment Verification

We need to figure this out before this is turned on for real.

Service Owner

Servie Owner: bstack@mozilla.com