Documentation Tarball Format

Taskcluster Docs Tarball Format

A taskcluster-lib-docs tarball has the following contents:

├── docs
│   └── <whatever you want>.md
├── metadata.json
├── references
│   ├── api.json
│   └── events.json
└── schema
    ├── <some schema>.json
    └── <some other schema>.json

All components except metadata.json are optional. They are treated as if they were included in src/reference/<tier>/<project> in the taskcluster-docs repo.

The metadata.json file should contain the following:

  "version": 1,
  "tier": "core",
  "menuIndex": 10

Where version is locked to 1, tier must be one of the allowed tiers, and menuIndex is an integer that reorders this document in the menu on the docs site (lower is earlier).